These Three Questions Define the Purpose of Your Content

We live in a world where they say Content is King. Well, there’s a small adjective that I’d like to add to the phrase- Quality Content is King. And guess what? Creating quality content is simple. All you must do is define the purpose of the content you just wrote down!

For those who are now incredibly confused with the overwhelming amount of factors that come into play here, we are drawing the outlines. Follow the breadcrumbs, and you can surely create quality content with a defined purpose. 

Running short of time? Read the summary here! Or just scroll down. Your choice. 

Question #1- What do I want to say?

You have the keywords. You have done your research. You have read articles, reports, and gazillion other sources of information. At this stage, you are pretty much convinced that putting out the same information would do wonders.


 You know what? That is NOT convincing enough.

As a writer, it is your responsibility to weave a network of this information and deliver the insights that would sit well with the target audience. To do so, you would need clarity on your messaging.

So yes, before you start writing, ask yourself- what do I want to say? Is the message confusing, or straight-forward? Even if the answer is a confusing glare, the piece goes back to the drafts folder.

Quick writing hack- Start practicing this on all your best pieces so far and you’ll know where you stand. It might be disappointing at first. But hey! It will give you direction on hitting the sweet note.


Question #2- Is this relevant to my audience?

You have carefully crafted that title for your post after wrapping your head around what’s happening in the web- what works, what does not!




But every piece of writing that has a motive has to have a clear definition of an ideal reader.

If you do not know your ideal reader, you’ve 0% chances at generating leads and making the sales.

You HAVE TO identify an ideal reader and trace their steps- a reader who would go through the entire cycle of actions as you would like it!

That’s how you determine the relevance of your content. You create a chain reaction. And each sentence you add on to your piece leads to a clear motive.

Quick writing hack- The latest post you just wrote- go take a print out and read it ALOUD- AS A READER. Do you see any relevance for them to go through the entire piece? If yes, you are on the right track. If not, then I’d say take a shot at identifying the ideal reader to twist and mold the piece.


Question #3- What is the reader supposed to do despite adding purpose to your content?

You have written your first draft. It contains recent statistics that you have painfully curated from the web. It has an introduction, a careful (perhaps, quick-witted) play at the theme and a conclusion.

But is it complete?


Not until you know what the reader must do with the information you just gave them. So yes, add a note on what you want them to do next.

The content connoisseurs call it Call to Action a.k.a. CTA.

Conversion rates increase by 202% if you merely include a CTA statement

Give them something more. Tell them that they could follow you for more such blogs. Leave a trail that they can buy these products, here or there- add a link. Redirect them to other blogs that they might want to read.

Answer the question, what next? You’d be respecting their time and rewarding them. 

Quick writing hack-Go back and try to identify a motive in your first draft and action points wherever you can. Do NOT restrict yourself to the end of the camaraderie to add action points.  

Here’s all we spoke about here:

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