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Sudeshna is a manic writer, voracious reader and a consumer psychology enthusiast. In her seven year long career, she has worked as a blogger, book reviewer, copyeditor and a market research analyst. 

Currently, she is on the quest of decoding the formula for the principle of gripping the reader and making them read from end to end. She is convinced that amidst the chaos of online writing coaches, and documented writing advice, there is a definite psychology to crafting words to perfection.

When she is not writing, she is either devouring books with gallons of hot cocoa, or looking up obscure principles for marketing. 

I get my kicks from writing

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Reading is the biggest stimulator. The concept does not hit all at once.

Sometimes, it’s something that I read ages ago that makes perfect talking point about the topic and from there it just takes a few hours to put it together. 

Honestly, there’s nothing else that I’d rather do. Words just bring me a sense of purpose, and they say do whatever that helps you sleep better at night. So that’s it. This is primarily why I write. 

Conceptualise patiently >> Write at manic speed >> Edit barbarically

Read more about my writing process here. 

My charges start at 5 INR per word. 

Depending on the complexity of the topic, extensiveness of research required, and other additional steps depending on your needs, the charges may vary. 

The average turnaround time for a straightforward article would be 12 hours. 

However, it may be longer in case your brief requires additional research. A final turnaround time would be provided once the brief has been reviewed. 

Every content marketer has a different approach to content creation, content distribution, and marketing it. 

And all of them would tell you this: there is no right or wrong here. Every piece is unique and every post needs a unique means to promote and market.  



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