Living Out Of Suitcases and Other Experiences

Magic happens; magic happens when you live out of suitcases. Magic happens when the bank balance is not sufficient for you to afford the fancy dress you want. Magic happens when the thought of dragging your tired body back home to make a phone call at 10:00 pm and slipping into the embrace of a dreamless sleep does not bother you. However, magic does not happen overnight. Magic happens when the heart stops being a cranky kid and obliges to the bittersweet reality.
True, that the stain of some random soup would not leave your only comfortable sleep-shirt. True, that the gloomy clouds will make it a little difficult to cope up with the urge to stay in bed. True, that sometimes the food will feel bland. Your cold hands will not wrap around your usual cup of coffee groggily, first thing in the morning. It will make you cringe; it will disgust you. It will take every ounce of hope from your being to hold on.
Trust me when I say that the sight of a flickering star in the distant night sky will be a relief. Trust me that the sight of a messy room will be a relief. Trust me that the pain undertaken to clean and organize will be worth it irrespective of how long it stays that way.
Wait for the time when your dreams come true. They might not knock on your door though. Do not be fooled by the storm and the winds. How else do you think magic happens if not by the violent squeaking of a creaky door? And you’ll wonder, what a naughty brat you are!
The first sign of a blooming flower of the only pot that sits on the sunlit balcony will be a proof that your patience has borne fruits. Honey colored sunshine will leak through the weaves of your not so fine curtains to wake you up. When the sound of clinking glasses populate the world of those who surround you , you will savor your whiskey from a chipped coffee cup.
Living out of a box is not a bad thing after all. Neither is giving in to the temptation of listening to a heart that wants your soul to soar in the bleeding morning skies.

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