Long Pauses

While I try hard to stay put, to write till my fingers break, sadly, my commitments with my real life have left me here: almost forcing me to follow the conventional routine. It is tough to stick to a few things and confine yourself to just that. I have experienced this struggle since so long that it has begun to feel like I must make amends, introducing major changes in my to-do list that I got for my twenty-second birthday.
Do you remember how I wanted to scratch off items from my to-do list? One of them talked about getting a book blog. I am going to go ahead and scratch that to make a significant change. I am converting this place, my darling blog into an escape. It means that I’ll be posting pictures from my impulsive escapades, self-indulgence in the form of hauls at the local markets, the new found love: finding clothes that suit me and what not. That even means that when my heart is brimming with anger or sorrows shall be poured out here too.
Clearly, it is going to one hell of a roller coaster ride this time round.

P.S. The solo trip was a huge success.

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