Review Policy

At Laughter That Echoes, we celebrate the joy associated with relishing every read. Since reading is a dying habit, we intend to share this joy and my thoughts associated with every book I read. There are greater things than genre, language and subject to every book. It’s the blurb. If it’s convincing enough, I will pick up the book. I will read it, I will re-read it (mostly in bits and pieces) and review it!

Though I rarely give up on a book midway, there have been books that I have had to give up midway solely because of personal reasons.

Each book received for review purpose will receive a brutally honest review with no sugarcoating. Both the positive and negative aspects of the book shall be highlighted.

The reviews will be published within four to six weeks after receiving the book. To maintain the quality of assessment and the time constraints the number of reviews published per month has been restricted to a maximum of six per month. The restriction, however, is a temporary affair.

The reviews published on the blog shall also be published on various sites including GoodReads, Instagram, Amazon India, Flipkart, Book Depository and Facebook.