To Scratching Items Off From Your To-Do List!

Over time, things have made itself very clear to me. I have realized that I love books and I love photographs. I have chronicled my life on my instagram page and made absolutely no effort to write, not for myself at least. I have realized that I have loved everything else but my own life and myself.

Hence, during the auspicious month of November (read my birth month!) when the world is waiting for Diwali and Christmas to eat gujias and cake (those are my favorite, feel free to replace it with your favorite festive nibble while you read it. I would not mind that!) , I have made it a point to make my own list of things I have wanted to do since sometime and cross each item off the list by the time, the month ends. Agreed that this is not the appropriate time to do so, but being the little rebel that I have always been, I have decided to do it anyway. 

The first item on the list is a book blog that I had intended to make since sometime. I have lived with books and I have lived without books. There have been times when I have voluntarily chosen to stay away from them, and oh my dear God, those times were terrible. “Laughter That Echoes” will not be an endless rant about how a certain book failed to please me, or how it changed me forever, it will about every little thought that springs up in a bibliophile’s mind and makes them nag so bad that they are forced to question their sanity. That would include book merchandise, cover art, long rants on various editions of books and what not!
So yes, cheers to a new beginning!  To scratching items off from you long awaited to do list!
P.S. I just realized side notes are so convenient. Especially for times when one thought is intermitted by another. 

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