11:09 am
a clumsy Saturday morning
edges of the book sitting in one corner of my bed
several others piling in batches on the floor
groggy eyes trying hard to adjust to unusual brightness of the day

2:32 pm
one pack of fries and several chicken wings later
the site has gotten clumsier
the bright sky is now gloomy
the window panes are not reflecting the light
but yet, nothing.

7:44 pm
tiny tendrils of a succulent overflowing on a black pot
lush: green or yellow, I cannot tell
fiddling with a camera
focusing: in and out; out and in
and nothing

10:56 pm
a lonely night in the company of a humble cigarette
couples kissing each other goodbye
wires creeping on the walls like parasites
unevenly lit, muddy, crusty roads
But. Nothing.

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